vrijdag 16 september 2011


Hey all,

From now on ill be open for Commission Work!
U can contact me if u are intrested and we wil discus the price and time it wil be finished!

So if u are intrested contact me right away! :)

MournFang WIP!

Hey all!

Yesterday i bought me a box of bull's and Mournfang Cav. and i strated to work on the Mournfang right away!
Gave them some extra's; Helmets on the beasts and Shields/Armour plates on the front legs!

Here are some pictures!

zondag 13 februari 2011

Currently working on...

Hey all,

Currently im working on my next unit of 20 chaos warriors with a juggernauth unit filler!
Stay tuned for pictures!

Finished first 30 Marauders of Khorne!


Welcome all,

I had the idea to make a blog for some time now and now its finaly here!